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The Global Impact of the
Reformation and its Relevance
for Continuing Reformation

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The Global Impact of the Reformation and its Relevance for Continuing Reformation

Five hundred years ago God started a movement that clearly impacted the world. Christians around the globe who are full of gratitude to God for the core of his Gospel and the availability of the Bible in their language will be celebrating what God started through Martin Luther.

What can we expect of this impact in the future? Are we to continue Reformation? How we should apply the semper reformanda principle in our own century?

500 years of the Reformation

Besides celebrating the past, the conference will also prayerfully consider the relevance of the Reformation of 500 years ago for ongoing reformation that will be needed until the day that Jesus returns to finally wipe all the tears from our eyes. How can we provide signs of hope of his final redemption through continuing Reformation?

The Event

During the week of the Reformation we will hear and debate with very able speakers from all the continents of the world a wide variety of aspects of the global impact of the Reformation. theological issues, theological education, the Gospel in post-modernity, Islam, social issues, poverty and mercy ministries, persecution, and many other themes to be addressed some of the most influential thinkers and theologians from around the world.


World Reformed Fellowship reserved 100 rooms in the beautiful Luther Hotel, in Wittenberg. The historical significance of meeting in the place where all started is a plus to the experience of celebration we are going to have during the conference. Worship, concerts, lectures and one-day visitation to the city are part of the exclusive program in the very attractive small village of Wittenberg.

World Reformed Fellowship Refo500 conference


The Global Impact of the Reformation and its Relevance for Continuing Reformation


Join us in Wittenberg city October 2017: This will be more than the celebration of Martin Luther's stand. We will look at the importance of biblical preaching, prayer, and church leadership in a day of compromise. Meet the speakers at the event and confirm your presence.

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frequently asked questions

Can people register for just part of the conference?

Yes, there are a very few spaces available for those who can be present for just part of the conference and for those who wish to provide their own accommodations and meals.

The charges for participating in one or more days of the conference (excluding accommodations and meals) are as follows:

  • 55 Euros each for the first and last days of the conference
  • 110 Euros each for the other days of the conference
  • 440 Euros for the entire conference (without accommodations or meals)

Will registration for the conference and reservations for hotel rooms be handled separately?

The registration fee for the complete conference package includes all conference charges, accommodations at the Luther Hotel, and most meals at the Luther Hotel for the duration of the conference. The WRF will be in direct contact with the Luther Hotel with respect to accommodations and meals. Any questions about these accommodations or meals should be directed to the WRF at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Those who are choosing to participate in just individual days of the conference will need to make their own arrangements for accommodations and meals.

Can people register for single rooms at the Luther Hotel?

We have a very limited number of single rooms available. Check the registration page to see if they are still available. Those requesting single rooms will be required to pay a supplement, the amount of which is indicated on the registration page.

What are the costs of the packages for the entire conference?

  November 30, 2016 January 31, 2017  February 28, 2017 
SINGLE OCCUPATION € 1100.00 € 1200.00 € 1300.00
DOUBLE OCCUPATION € 950.00 € 1000.00 € 1100.00

Will prices be listed in numerous different currencies or just in one currency?

All will be handled in the European currency, Euros. You have to make the conversion to your own currency.

The conference will be in multiple languages?

No, all lectures and preaching will be in English only.

What will our cancellation and refund policies be?

Because much of the world will be coming to Wittenberg in October of 2017, our refund policies will need to be more strict than usual. Anyone cancelling a registration by August 1, 2017, will be given a 90% refund if we can fill that space with another participant. The refund will be sent only when the payment of that other participant has been received. After August 1, 2017, there can be no refunds.

What are the transportation options and costs?

All conference participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from the Luther Hotel in Wittenberg. Information about transportation options may be found here - more info

Does Germany require visas for individuals coming from any other specific countries? If so, information about this fact should be on the website.

Participants must be sure to check if citizens of their countries need visas to enter Germany. The necessary information can be found here - more info If you have registered for the conference and will need a visa, the WRF will provide for you a statement confirming your hotel reservation in Wittenberg for the duration of the conference. This is one of the things that is required of those who need visas.


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